Calcium Deposit Removal

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Calcium Deposit Removal

Did you know that the water from your hose or sprinkler can leave behind mineral deposits that can cause staining and streaking on your windows? Calcium is the main cause of the problem, but magnesium and other minerals are also found in hard water.

There are a few main stages when it comes to mineral build-up on your windows:

  • Stage 1. This typically occurs after your window has been sprayed with hard water once or twice. When the water evaporated, small mineral deposits are left behind.
  • Stage 2. Prolonged exposure to hard water can result in mineral deposit build-up. You may notice a thin, hazy film on your windows.
  • Stage 3. At this stage, mineral etching has damaged your window surface, and mineral deposits will be impossible to remove via conventional cleaning methods.

Regardless of the level of damage to your windows, we can remove the calcium deposits. Call us today to find out more.

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